Tribal Survivor

You and a group of strangers have been deserted on an uninhabitated island with nothing but the clothes on your back. Your mission is to join forces, become the ultimate tribe, and compete for victory in the 'Tribal Games' challenge.

The challenges are suitable for all applicants. They take between 2hrs and 3 days, between 20 to 100 challengers.

Tribes successfully complete a balance of physical and problem-solving activities, designed to integrate, collaborate, and build cohesive teams. Points and Jury Stones are awarded to team players nominated by colleagues for their valuable contribution.

At our tribal council we will invite the winning tribe an its members to share insights on their team and what made it successful.

Challenges Include:

Beetle Juice (Ice Breaker) - Each tribe must select a representative or chief. They must ascertain which member will be prepared to eat something of an unknown nature. On doing so, the chief will be blindfolded and be required to eat something delightfully juicy!

Navigate - Using a map to orientate yourselves, your tribe must get themselves safely to the first immunity challenge, all while collecting TREEMAIL and equipment along the way.

Rope War - Four way tug of war. Success by elimination or alliance?

Search And Rescue - The ultimate leadership development activity. The leader's objective is to is to direct and navigate their blindfolded team to retrieve essential supplies. Leaders are rotated to ensure that all survivors experience the crucial role of directing their team to success.

Survivor Knows Best - After sumptuous rations, its time to test the brain while the body relaxes. Answer fun survivor trivia questions to move forward in the race for a reward.

Water Worx - Tribes must move water from one area to another using nothing but the tools they are given.

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