Travel Quest

Get put outside your comfort zone by exploring the unknown in a fun filled rollercoaster ride.

A Travel Quest can be done anywhere in the world and tailored to suit your needs and budget. Patrons utilise different systems of transport to get to certain destinations where an exciting activity awaits (GPSs forbidden!).

Each team will be lead by an Unlimited Events facilitator who will acompany patrons on their journey. There are 12 destinations, 12 challenges, and one goal... beat the clock!

Challenges Include:

Ice Breakers - Teams will be created at the starting destination, equipment will be handed out, and they'll be cast forth on their adventure.

Mazes - Navigate a giant maze full of twists, roadblocks, and time penalties.

Ingwenya Glass Village - Design and build a water rocket from recycled materials, fire them at a target, ermerge victorious.

Home Of Chicken Pie - Collect a box of delicious pies, and much your way through them to find intriguing clues.

Lesedi Cultural Village - Some team members compete against one another in a gum boot race, while others take part in a search and rescue challenge.

Cocktails Of The World - Teams will purchase ingredients to create amazing cocktails that will be tasted by a panel of judges.

Naval Quest - Teams will be given a booklet full of photos that they must use to solve a variety of tasks and challenges.

Mall Race - Ice scatting, battering with local shopkeepers, to locating different characters... this challenge has it all.

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