Terms and Conditions

Event Services and Product Rentals


Final program of events is required a minimum of one week prior to Event Date.
Final venue, stage, stall and table layout is required a minimum of one week prior to the event/booking.

Contact details of manager on duty at the venue, including cell number and email address are required.

Accurate GPS coordinates/pin drop to venue, with instructions and physical address is required for all set-ups.

Full access to the venue at set-up time is crucial and should be arranged prior to the event, by the client.

Security for Equipment and Crew from load in to load out.

All Electrical and/or Rigging Certificates of Compliance supplied by client (unless specified on our quotation).

Meals and refreshments (including Cutlery) for all Crew for the duration of the event. Failure to supply this will result in an additional charge of R250 per crew member per day.

Minimum 3 Star Accommodation for Crew for all Productions/Shows more than 100km from Centurion and no further than 10km from the Venue (unless specified on our quotation).

The client will be responsible for all hospitality riders of artists/bands performing at their events.

All Quotations are based on the times specified on the Quotation. Overtime will be charged at specified rate for events that continue outside of the quoted and specified times.

All equipment Hired/Rented by the Client, will be returned in the same condition it was received.  Damaged/Short equipment will be charged for fair wear and tear of the equipment.


All Treats and Eats machines require a separate 15A plug point PER MACHINE no further than 10m from the stand/stall/installation.

Ice cream machines consume 15A of power each, and therefore required dedicated power no further than 10m from the stand/stall/installation.

Installations of more than 6x Treats and Eats machines will require 3Phase Power.

An optional 3phase generator can be supplied at an additional cost.

Access for trollies will be required for installation of all Ice Cream Machines no further than 2m from final placement /setup.

A cold-water tap will be required for all Treats and Eats installations, no further than 20m from Set-up.

Quotations are based on 4-hour event minimum. Should serving be in a shorter time frame, additional equipment and staff will be required at an additional charge.

Quotations are based on 6 hours maximum per event.


63A securely grounded C-Form (5Pin Red) 3phase connector no further than 20m from the Stage, for all technical productions.

Minimum 50% darkness required for all AV projection.

Projectors are charged per day and include 10x lamp hours operation.

All draping/ flooring/staging to be complete at the time of our set-up (unless the Unlimited Events Group is doing the entire production).

Bands/artist technical riders need to be sent to Productions PRIOR to final quotation, for us to cater for their technical requirements.

A total of 1 hour will be allocated for sound checks and rehearsals.  Additional time needs to be specified prior to the events, and will be charged at an additional cost.

Show Rehearsals are NOT included in this quotation. A maximum of 1 hour will be allocated for dry runs at no additional cost. Thereafter overtime will apply.

All Power point presentations must be able to run from the clients/presenters laptops as a backup.

All pre-production DVD/AV clips, need to be checked by us, at least 7 days prior to conference to confirm it is in the correct format and playable.

PLEASE NOTE: If the production/show cannot commence because of our requirements not being met, Unlimited Events will hold Client accountable for full payment.


Venue dimensions (length, width and height) need to be accurate and correctly disclosed to avoid additional costs been incurred by the client During set-up?p.

Rigging/attachment points must be available for all stretch panels and roof draping installations. UE Group will be able to install points at an additional fee charged for client account.

Permission for any additional fitment of rigging points, rope lines, hooks and draping bars at the venue, need to be arranged by the client and authorized by the venue prior to installation/set-up.

Any rigging points, rope lines, hooks or drape bars required for installation after acceptance of the quotation, will be charged at an additional charged to the clients account.

Overtime will be applicable for set-ups and breakdowns that fall outside of standard office hours 08h00 – 17h00 Monday to Saturday.  Double time will be charged for all Sundays and Public Holidays.

Security will be required for all equipment from end of set up to breakdown time. Any equipment lost and/or damaged during this time will be for the clients account, and will be payable within 7 days after the event.

The Client will be held responsible for any damages that may occur because of theft, fire, misuse, public behaviour, unauthorized operation, confiscation, impoundment, riots, Acts of God, war or vandalism, weather conditions or water damage this will become payable within 7 days after full replacement value is established.


Overtime will be applicable for set-ups and breakdowns that fall outside of standard office hours 08h00 – 17h00 Monday to Saturday.  Double time will be charged for all Sundays and Public Holidays.

Tents Size over 100Sqm

Tents will be installed on grass/open veld areas only.

For parking lots and/or tar surfaces, water ballasts will be required for installation.
Where paving can be lifted and pegs installed, water ballast will not be required.

Water ballasts are NOT included in standard quotations and will be charged at an additional rate if required for installation.

Should water ballasts be required for installation, a high-pressure tap will be required, no further than 50m from final setup.

Dependent on water pressure, a minimum of 2 hours will be required for each water ballast to be filled, before the tent can be erected.

Tents Over a 100SQM Require a COC This is None Negatable as it’s a Legal Requirement.

Anchoring Tents to Buildings and/or Structures

A full site plan indicating all underground electrical cables, pipes, sewers and/or sprinkler systems will be required for all tent. installations where pegs are inserted as anchor points, at least 7 days prior to erection. UE Stretch Tents cannot be held liable for any damages should this information not be received upon confirmation of set-up.

A duly authorised site manager will be required to sign of installation of all tent installations, before the first peg is inserted.

Please note: Pegs are inserted deep into the ground as anchor points, and may cause damage to gardens and/or lawn areas. Unlimited Events Stretch Tents cannot be held responsible for such damage, as this forms part of the standard and safe installation of our Tents.

This agreement will only be confirmed upon receipt of an official and duly signed Unlimited Events Quotation/Contract as well as an official Company Order. The client will be fully responsible for All Risk Insurance on all equipment at the venue utilised by the client (unless specified on our quotation). Should the client waiver the insurance, any loss/or damage of equipment will be for the clients account.

In the event of this agreement being cancelled by you for any reason whatsoever, (including weather situations) the deposit will be forfeited. In addition, the agreed fee will become payable in full immediately upon cancellation. Should the cancellation be made at least 30 days before the event date, the deposit will be forfeited, unless a new function date is confirmed within 6 months of cancellation.

I/we confirm the above as constituting the entire agreement between Unlimited Events Group and client / myself / us.

This could also be signed digitally by signing our rental agreement online approval link, that will be sent on request.

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