Team Building

Unlimited Event Entertainment provides structured team building events. All our team building activities are set up to ensure an unforgettable experience that will improve staff morale and the effectiveness of teams within your workplace. We focus on the following areas within teams:

  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Understanding


Collaborate with your team as you design, construct, and repair a bridge from a box of raw materials. A fun craft project for all to enjoy!

Puzzle Painting

Work with your team to build an artistic masterpiece. Hang it on your wall as a reminder of your artistic expression and collaboration.


Design a high-pressure rocket using bottles, glue, cardboard, and basic tools. Launch it with your team for an added thrill!

What We Do

Our team building activities are fun and, at the same time, emphasis is placed on different learning areas helping management or facilitators understand group and individual dynamics.

Please note that UEE is an entertainment company. We do not facilitate events but rather present the events in a fun manner. A qualified facilitator can be booked to oversee the events.

Travel Quest

Explore exciting destinations with your colleagues, embrace different challenging activities, race to beat the clock!

Tribal Survivor

Join forces with a band of strangers and battle to become the ultimate tribe. A true test of team work, communication, and skill.

Movie Making

Write, direct, film and star in your very own movie! Collaborate with your team to create a masterpeice with our professional equipment.

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