Stage Decks

Modular stage decks that can be built almost anywhere. Creating everything from standard square stages inside venues to incredible decking structures placed over swimming pools or stadium seats. Custom stairs and stage sets can be designed to complement any theme, concept or colour scheme.

What We Do

Offering small stages from 200mm high to as high as 1.2m using telescopic legs which make set-up and adjustments quick and easy.

Our stage decks are capable of carrying 1 Ton per square meter and can be used to showcase cars using our custom ramps.

Our skilled and qualified staff can utilise this diverse product to create custom stages with multi levels, custom stage sets and custom stairs to complement any event. Safety equipment such as railings are provided where necessary as well as COC.

Our unique waterproof aluminium decks mean that our stages can be set-up indoors and outdoors.

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