Spirit Building

Spirit Building is a fun, let your hair down, non-strenuous series of events created to build a vibe amongst the teams. These events are presented by a charismatic MC and includes vibey music to get everyone up and going.

Island Style Games

You don't have to be an athelete to enjoy a laugh in this fun spirited competition, hilarity, and friendly rivalry!

Box Cart Derby

Create a push cart with your team and power your way around a course for a place on the podium. All tools and material provided.

Race Against Time

Beat the clock as you navigate a venue completing tasks, using clues, ingenuity, and good old fashioned teamwork.

What We Do

Spirt Building focus more on the Fun element but are still created around a program of events and included events that create Team Spirit and Team Work. A Brilliant way to get your Team Laughing and Enjoying each other’s company.

Novel Quest

An exciting treasure hunt designed to get teams to analyse their own performance. Challenges involve creaitivity, critical thinking, and collaboration.


Gather with your team to cook a delicious, traditional potkjie dish. All equipment, ingredients, and utensils will be provided.

Braai Master Challenge

Cook a meal over an open fire that is representative of your province. All wood, ingredients, and braai facilities will be provided.

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