Race Against Time

Given clues, teams will need to navigate themselves around a venue, completing tasks and challenges along the way. Memebrs will be given a limited amount of time to complete each challenge before being forced on to the next one. One teams have completed all eight tasks successfully they will have a chance to repeat certain challenges for bonus points.

Event Tasks Include:

Cocktails Of The World - Get creative and impress the judges with your cocktail recipes.

Photo Tasks - Take a selection of photos that correspond to items on a list.

Choose Your Weapon - Hit as many targets as possible with the weapon of your choice.

Puzzled - Teams must correct a puzzle in as few moves as possible.

Quiz Tasks - Answer questions correctly to earn points and progress on to the next challenge.

Water Towers - Build a tower, fill it with water, and release the prize.

Water Worx - Build a pipeline to move water from one point to another. Successfully quench your village's thrist to move on (speed and efficiency is the key).

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