Island Style Games

The Island Style Games are designed for the not so serious sports person or athlete. Enjoy a laugh in fun spirited competition, hilarity, and friendly rivaly

Our flexible games are modified to suit any area. Guarentted to create a spark of excitement and enjoyable participation. Hosted by an enthusiastic entertainer, the novelty-style olympic activities are designed to create motivation, lift the spirits, and invigorate the mind.

Challenges Include:

Tumble Race - Members will compete in a relay race. They will have to roll over barrels, pop water balloons, and slide under nets. Pick your teams carefully!

Relay Race - Team members will don a wacky costume, waddle over to an inflatable baby pool, and pop balloons. The only catch is that they can't use their hands!

Barrel Of Fun - Teams will compete to fill a barrel in the fastest time possible. However, transporting the water might pose a challenge (Venue must have a pool).

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